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Welcome to your new beginning.

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Prosthetist & Orthotist in Kansas City, Topeka, & Lee’s Summit

Rethink Traditional Prosthetics & Orthotics

Amputations aren’t the end. At Horizon Orthotic & Prosthetic Experience (HOPE) we see amputations as an opportunity to build a new beginning for patients that have endured chronic pain or suffered a traumatic experience. HOPE offers the personalization of a local clinic with access to the best technology in the country.

Let's get you back to the speed of life.

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Tell us about your past...

We value the relationships we create with our patients. It helps us perform our jobs better. During the initial consultation, we'll talk with you one on one to understand what you're experiencing, your areas of pain and your limitations to create a personalized treatment plan for success.

So we can mold your future.

We prioritize the needs of the patient and utilize the best technology to get back to the things you enjoy. HOPE's dedication to the patient, their pains, their lifestyle and their goals molds our success.

Building your dream lifestyle...

To create a customized treatment plan, we need to discuss your priorities and ideal lifestyle. How active are you? How active do you plan to be? What's most important to you – comfort, cosmetics, function or cost? While the diagnoses may be the same, each individual may require a different treatment plan and design in order to fulfill their goals.

Without pain or discomfort.

The difference between a good prosthetist or orthotist? The quality of the fit. The quality of fit will determine if you can walk comfortably and enjoy day-to-day activities without pain. Our highly trained clinical staff at HOPE specializes in designing, fabricating, and custom fitting your orthotic and/or prosthetic device to maximize your function and comfort.

Because we're more than a local practice with high technology...

Everyone loves the personal care of a small, local practice but they also want the expertise of a big name clinic. HOPE offers the best of both worlds. We offer the best patient care without sacrificing experience and industry-leading technology.

We're your partner towards future horizons.

After the fitting of your initial prosthetic or orthotic device, your body may go through some changes over time. Your device may need to be modified and adjusted to accommodate for these changes. HOPE is with you every step of the way to keep you comfortable, active, and living the life you deserve.

There is HOPE on your horizon.