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Amputations can be life-altering, but in many cases are life-saving. An amputation suffered at any level of the lower extremity can alter or change a person's gait or how they walk. While there are incredible advancements in prosthetic components, the socket fit and suspension are the most critical to attaining the best functional outcomes possible. The clinical staff at HOPE has the highest training in socket technology available today.

Above the Knee Prosthetics

A Custom Prosthesis Built for You

Above the knee prosthesis, also known as a transfemoral prosthesis, consists of a socket (outer shell conformed to your residual limb shape), prosthetic knee/ankle/foot, and a form of suspension (how the prosthesis stays on your limb). A socket can be challenging for above the knee amputees due to the socket going as high as the inner groin and pelvic bone.

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Above the Knee Prosthetic Options

To Fit Your Body & Lifestyle

As with everything in the prosthetic field, the design of your prosthesis really depends on you. Depending on your activity level and functional potential, there are certain components specifically designed to give you the optimal function that you need and deserve. These components include the socket design, knee, foot, suspension, etc.

Prosthesis Design Factors

Level of the amputation
Condition of your amputated limb
Functional ability prior to and post-amputation
Your desired hobbies and goals
Patient presentation
Insurance coverage

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A Process Designed for Your Success

Identify Your Goals & Needs

The prosthetic process will begin with you visiting with our practitioners to ask questions, discuss your goals and functional needs for your prosthesis. We will help you determine which above the elbow prosthesis in Kansas City is best suited for your needs.

Build a Custom Socket for Comfort

Once the optimal design is determined, an impression of your limb is obtained in order to create a customized socket for your prosthesis. A custom socket better ensures optimal comfort, control, and function during movement.

Fitting & Alignment

The clinician and technicians will utilize the impression and measurements of your limb to design and fabricate a custom socket. The socket will be set onto the components and a fitting or series of fittings will follow the optimal fit, function, and alignment are obtained. Once you and the clinician are satisfied with the fitting, the prosthesis is ready to be finished.

Proper Function & Fit

On delivery day, we will ensure your prosthesis is fitting and functioning properly before sending you home with your new device. We will follow up with you to adjust your alignment or calibrations as you progress, and to maintain the components of your above the elbow prosthetic arm.

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