Arthritic Ankle bracing in Kansas City

Alleviate Your Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthritis develops when the joint is injured. Pain, swelling, and deformity occurs when the inflammation process tries to heal the loss of joint surface cartilage. If left untreated, pain and stiffness will cause nagging pain. It will restrict your mobility and limit your quality of life.

Orthoses to help you walk easier.


Treatments can be implemented to reduce your pain, swelling, deformities and walking gait dysfunctions. The options at HOPE are comprehensive by offering custom orthotics, custom shoes, orthopedic shoes, therapeutic shoes & prosthetics.

What to expect when I visit HOPE.

At HOPE, a consultation, examination, planning for an appropriate method of treatment can be designed around your physician's method of treatment for your condition. Our service with the initial consultation, working with your medical providers, follow-ups, the kind and concerned staff, will be a great experience for you.

Our team is HOPEful.

The staff at HOPE views every patient as if they were part of the HOPE family. The letter "E" in HOPE is for "Experience". Not only do we have the most experienced staff in the region, we strive to provide a professional and friendly environment to make your "experience" one that is patient-centered.

HOPE for the Best.
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