Foot Drop Braces

Walk with Stability

Foot drop is the inability to pick up (dorsiflex) the ankle. Someone with foot drop will be unable to – or have a hard time – lifting their foot up. This can result in tripping and falling. To accommodate foot drop, many people have to alter the way they walk by lifting their leg high to prevent tripping. This type of gait pattern is inefficient and requires a lot more energy to perform.

Treatment/Bracing Options

Alleviate Foot Drop with Custom Braces


Some orthotic devices are pre-manufactured (off-the-shelf) while others require custom fabrication. Your physician and orthotist work collaboratively to determine the most appropriate design to address your particular condition.

Custom fabrication

Custom made orthoses require the fabrication of a positive model of the limb in order for the custom device to be fabricated over that model. The methods for obtaining the positive model can be derived from casting the leg with detailed measurements or digital scanning.

Digital Modeling

Positive models produced by detailed measurements or digital scanning utilize a CAD-CAM system where a computer model gets converted to an actual positive model by utilizing a digital carving machine.

Off-the-shelf Devices

The size of the off-the-shelf (OTS) orthoses is based on certain measurements of the limb and can be customized to improve the fit and function.

A Process for Foot Drop Recovery

Upon your visit to HOPE, the clinical staff will review the prescription from your physician and begin the assessment process. The staff will make every effort to inform you of the process and what to expect. They will try to anticipate questions you may have but it is very important to note that the process is a team effort and that you are the center of the team.

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The staff at HOPE views every patient as if they were part of the HOPE family. The letter "E" in HOPE is for "Experience". While other companies focus on profits and satisfying their shareholders, HOPE strives to take care of the individual patient. Not only do we have the most experienced staff in the region, we strive to provide a professional and friendly environment to make your "experience" one that is patient-centered.

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