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At HOPE, we work side by side with all amputees to reach their individual goals. This is extremely important for upper extremity amputees because there are a wide variety of options available. Each option has its own set of pros and cons and it requires a knowledgeable and skilled clinician to determine the most appropriate design.

Myoelectric and Bionic Prosthetics

Powered by Nerve Signals

Offering innovative technologies in bionic solutions for the upper extremity amputee, bionics and myoelectric utilize electrodes to send a signal to the prosthetic elbow, wrist and hand, directing the device on the proper desired movement. This is a more cutting-edge design that improves function while allowing existing musculature to control the function of the prosthesis.

I-limb  |  Be-bionics  |  Dynamic Arm  |  Myoelectric and Bionic Hands

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Above the Elbow Arm Prosthetics

Traditional Body Power

For individuals with amputations above the elbow, including elbow disarticulations, transhumeral, shoulder disarticulation or forequarter – the options are limitless.

Options may include:

Traditional dual harnessing systems
Hybrid socket designs with cables and myoelectric components (Ergo arm)
Traditional hooks and functional hands
Body-powered cable and harness prosthetics
Lifelike cosmetic options
Wrist units, lift assists, nudge controls

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A Process Designed for Your Success

Identify Your Goals & Needs

The prosthetic process will begin with you visiting with our practitioners to ask questions, discuss your goals and functional needs for your prosthesis. We will help you determine which above the elbow prosthesis in Kansas City is best suited for your needs.

Build a Custom Socket for Comfort

Once the optimal design is determined, an impression of your limb is obtained in order to create a customized socket for your prosthesis. A custom socket better ensures optimal comfort, control, and function during movement.

Fitting & Alignment

The clinician and technicians will utilize the impression and measurements of your limb to design and fabricate a custom socket. The socket will be set onto the components and a fitting or series of fittings will follow the optimal fit, function, and alignment are obtained. Once you and the clinician are satisfied with the fitting, the prosthesis is ready to be finished.

Proper Function & Fit

On delivery day, we will ensure your prosthesis is fitting and functioning properly before sending you home with your new device. We will follow up with you to adjust your alignment or calibrations as you progress, and to maintain the components of your above the elbow prosthetic arm.

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