Custom prosthetic fitting processes

The prosthetic fitting process consists of six steps.

Patient Evaluation...

At HOPE we understand that there are an overwhelming variety of orthotic and prosthetic options. Your first visit is an opportunity to discover the best solution to help you regain the functionality you need in your everyday life.

Measure and build custom solutions

Once we discover your goals, we will take the measurements we need. In many cases, we will also need to obtain a cast or 3D scan of your limb. This will allow us to build a device that matches your needs perfectly.

Fits like a glove

The casting process allows our custom devices to fit to your body perfectly. If we are building an artificial limb it can take several intermediate fittings to make sure that the interface is properly contoured to your body.

Deliver and wear

At your delivery appointment we will make sure everything fits and functions properly. We will also explain the use and care of your new device. We will work with you and discuss how to get used to having your prostheses or brace as part of your life. We want you to be comfortable using your device and make sure that you attain your goals.

Follow-ups for proper performance

Once you have an artificial limb or brace, we don't go away. We are always available to follow up with you and make sure that your device is still meeting your needs. We are excited to work with you and other healthcare providers to help improve the function of your daily life.

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