Upper Extremity Orthotics in Kansas City

Supporting your upper extremity

Orthopedic bracing of the upper extremity can be required for many different conditions. An orthopedic brace (orthosis) is intended to support, align or assist for a weakness or deformity.

Treatment/Bracing Options

Custom bracing for a stronger alignment


Some orthotic devices are pre-manufactured (off-the-shelf) while others require custom fabrication. Your physician and orthotist work collaboratively to determine the most appropriate design to address your particular condition.

Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Fabricated

The size of the off-the-shelf (OTS) orthoses is based on certain measurements of the arm and can be customized to improve the fit and function. Custom fabricated orthoses require the fabrication of a positive model of the limb in order for the custom device to be fabricated over that model.

Custom Fabrication Method

The methods for obtaining the positive model can be derived from casting of the limb, detailed measurements, or digital scanning. Positive models produced by detailed measurements or digital scanning utilize a CAD-CAM system where a computer model gets converted to an actual positive model by utilizing a digital carving machine.


Upon your visit to HOPE, the clinical staff will review the prescription from your physician and begin the assessment process. There will be questions asked as well as a thorough evaluation to determine the most appropriate orthotic design.


The philosophy at HOPE is, "No Surprises". The staff will make every effort to inform you of the process and what to expect.

Types of Braces & Orthoses

Arm Brace
Elbow Orthosis
Wrist Orthosis
Hand Orthosis
Shoulder Orthosis

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