Orthotics for Stroke In Kansas City

Safer ambulation and stability

Orthotic devices often ordered following stroke include, but are not limited to AFOs and KAFOs, WalkAide and Bioness for safer ambulation and stability, as well as upper limb contracture management orthoses.

Treatment/Bracing Options

Stroke Bracing Fit for Comfort

Stability After a Stroke

A stroke CVA is a decrease in blood flow to the brain, causing a decrease in oxygen which leads to the death of cells affected. The area of cells affected by the stroke determines the resulting symptoms.


The stroke can be of varying severity from minor to major. Minor results in fewer areas and severity affected, for example, a weakness of a leg and or arm, whereas a major stroke can result in permanent paralysis on one side of the body.

Bracing Options

AFOs (ankle foot orthoses)
KAFOs (knee ankle foot orthoses)
WalkAide FES
Bioness FES
WHFOs (wrist hand finger orthoses)
Contracture management

Solutions tailored to your goals

The initial evaluation will consist of obtaining background and defining goals. We will also do objective tests (MMT, ROM, Outcome measures) to help determine the best orthotic options for you. We will discuss the pros and cons of each option. An impression will be taken for custom devices at this appointment as well.


At the delivery appointment, we will fit your device, make necessary adjustments and take outcome measurement tests again.

A hopeful experience

Not only do we have the most experienced staff in the region, we strive to provide a professional and friendly environment to make your "experience" one that is patient-centered. While other companies focus on profits and satisfying their shareholders, HOPE strives to take care of the individual patient.

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